Related Projects and Prerequisites to FFL

The Form Function Library (FFL) lets your Mac OS X application create graphs in their own windows, as described in its project home page.

An alternate approach is to provide views which can be put in windows your application supplies.  This approach is followed in Drew McCormack's Narrative, available here, as well as in Snowmint's SM2DGraphView, available here.

Because of certain capabilities that go along with graphing, such as the ability to graph formulas, the ability to take Fourier transforms of graphs, and the ability to read and resample sound files (since the sequential data in a sound file is a prime candidate for graphing), there are 5 prerequisite packages for FFL.  (We wouldn't want to reinvent any wheels.)

They all seem to be available from fink:
  1. The vorbis library, from the Xiphophorous Company.
  2. The fftw3 library, from Matteo Frigo/MIT.
  3. The guile library, from the Free Software Foundation.
  4. The sndfile library, from Erik de Castro Lopo.
  5. The samplerate library, from Erik de Castro Lopo. Logo